Collapsible Kitchen Colander


Collapsible Kitchen Colander-Your Best Kitchen Hand!


Product detail

Multifunction: Kitchen workhorse, collapsible colander perfect for rinsing fruit & vegetables, draining pasta or canned foods; engineered for superior drainage.

Safe & Easy to Use: Kitchen strainer convenience features: non-slip handles gentle on all surfaces, dishwasher safe, heat resistant to 158º F/70ºC.

Fit all Sink Shapes:Fits most sink shapes & sizes, compact space-saver design collapses and folds, easy to store in tight cupboards and limited space.

Sturdy Design:Sturdy design holds its shape, built to last; made from non-toxic materials, BPA free and fully FDA approved for consumer health & safety.

Product specification

Space-Saving Design

When folded, these colanders are only 1.75” tall, making it very easy to store them in a kitchen drawer or a cupboard. Handles expand up to 26" so you can be sure it will fit your sink.

Drains Easily

The raised bottom and expandable handles lets water drain fast and easy, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. 

Easy to Store

Space-Saving Design

Folds up compact, so it doesn’t take up valuable cabinet space. When folded in, it’s 17 inches but if you’ve got a big sink, it expands to almost 26" ! 

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